LEBANON & NORTHERN IRAQ … February – March 2019 to Kurds & Yazidis !

Young Mother and Child
Young Mother and Child
Child & Child Crossing Board
Child & Child Crossing Board

$ 2,150 of the $ 4,400 needed, has been given for this trip in February ’19.  Please consider how you might help in the remaining balance of $ 2,250.  Contribute via like here:


Boys In the Refugee Camp
Boys In the Refugee Camp
Women Sharing the Work
Women Sharing the Work


Team TCD Past
Team TCD Past                                                             Global Hope Network International is leading a short-term team  to go to Lebanon and Northern Iraq to bring help and hope to Syrian refugees and displaced Yazidi families.
Lebanon still struggles having almost 2 million Syrian refugees, within their borders, who fled the war in Syria to find refuge and safety.  Some left their homes as long as 8 years ago and remain refugees to this day as they try to make a daily living to provide and care for their families.
We will serve refugees living north of Beirut.  We will visit the GHNI clinic, meet with Syrian refugees, who live as best they can with multiple families in temporary housing and others living in trap houses and tent communities. 
Northern Iraq  Many Yazidi families still suffer from the affects of war with ISIS.  Many people remain displaced even though the ISIS caliphate has been defeated.  There is still a great amount of danger, preventing them from returning home because of ongoing conflictsbetween various militia and foreign military as well as much of the infrastructure and their homes are destroyed.
We will serve Yazidi families who had to flee when ISIS overran their communities.
With the Syrian and Yazidi families we will distribute food and other necessary items, have fun days with children and parents, teach lessons in Transformational Community Development, Leadership, Family Life, and overall encourage families living in uncertain hopelessness .
This trip is a wonderful opportunity to bring help and hope to people who have gone through tremendous suffering and loss.














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