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Hal & Jamie & kids around new well ...
Hal & Jamie & kids around new well …
Sometimes a good media piece says it all.

Transformational Community Development in Dumka / Dhoker Jhara / Jharkhand, India

TCD Video … very moving …



Computer Centre Success – Sushil @ Dumka, India

Computer Centres are not our mainstay in GHNI, yet we have in recent years been privileged to set up a very successful CC in Dumka, India. In the interview below with Sushil, it is evident that this particular Computer Centre is positioned to expand and replicate. Our hope in weeks following, is for a completely new Centre to be established in Kolkata(Calcutta). With this interview, please note how our goal is, as always, to establish “self-sustainable” attributes intrinsic to every TCD endeavor we do.

Enjoy the link below and again, we thank you for your financial backing of this and so many other endeavors we and you accomplish via GHNI!

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New Well In Jatapara, India

Close-Up Drilling Rig Shot
Close-Up Drilling Rig Shot
Well-Kids Watching Drilling
Well-Kids Watching Drilling
Dry Very Dry Place - Jatapara
Dry Very Dry Place – Jatapara
Well Drilling-Families Awaiting Water-Jatapara
Well Drilling-Families Awaiting Water-Jatapara
Well Drillers At Work - Jatapara, India
Well Drillers At Work – Jatapara, India
Well Drilling-Pipe Heading Over-Jatapara
Well Drilling-Pipe Heading Over-Jatapara

Visualized it, written about it, budgeted for it, and reported on it; but this was my first time actually being on site and seeing the drilling process for water. February was a great month to be in India again for two weeks!

It is a fascinating thing to watch not only the drilling process, but also the human activity going on around such an important “event” in the lives of the recipients. People were everywhere!

One such well in one village, can usually have the capacity to provide water for 150-300 people. One of our goals in GHNI is to provide the very best of both water “quality” and “quantity” sufficient for such a village as this in Jatapara, India.

Thanks to you who provide such financial backing, we in GHNI are able to bring not only this water source; but also the critical means of Transformational Community Development(TCD), that trains TCD Trainers to build self-sustainability into every project and process we commit to. This is your work! Thanks!

KEY TO SUCCESS … Sushil Marandi


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 KEY TO SUCCESS … Sushil Marandi 

We continue to learn many things about TCD (Transformational Community Development) through the projects we have been doing in Dhoker Jhara, India, the village I grew up in.  It “had” been a mixed experience when it comes to results.  Some areas have been a genuine struggle.  But there are many other areas we have identified where we are now focused and maximizing results.  

Community involvement (ownership) is the key to success in TCD work among Santals. Wherever we have involved the people from the community, there was excitement and willingness to do things. Making an irrigation pond, giving water pump to the community, providing micro loan to the community were some of the things which has really worked well.  Looking at the situation, we decided to involve the community in whatever we do among them.  

This “involvement” has made all the difference!  

Thanks so much for your involvement in this my village!

You, with us, in Transformational Community Development, via GHNI …  Sushil                      

(GHNI staff & Santal People Community Development)