Bryan’s off on venture again today!

Bryan’s off on venture again today! He’s set to leave from California and across America, hopefully to Maine, in two weeks … “on $10”, on his YouTube trek plan. This time it’s solo, so no backup and no crew … so if you’re a parent-sympathizer, pray! ūüôā He’s got the internal moxy … so let’s support him. He’s also using this trek to raise funds for
Not sure yet when his GPS will kick in, but if you’d like to track him, I can let you know.

May ’22 Update …

Dear Friend …¬†
Three hours of good solid work per day is what I’m now up to.¬† We are grateful for continued restoration, and a gentle expectancy leads us to believe I¬†can up those hours in the next months.¬† I’m actually feeling some “normalcy” creeping ever so slowly back into life!¬† ūüôā Friday, I’ll see the cardiologist, and oncologist, and have extensive bloodwork done, giving us some direction on the next out-patient stint surgery scheduling.¬†
With more connectedness via ZOOM and other media venues, I’m seeing better just how well other staff are experiencing and moving healthy progress in almost all the villages and refugee areas we work in.¬† Jealous I¬†cannot be there myself, as we serve leadership conferences in August.¬† They are requesting provisions for 120 to attend in Iraq/Kurdistan and 60 in Lebanon.¬† It will be a great time of refreshing, teaching, and relating in these extremely needy countries.¬† 3-day GILPP, Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, which GHNI sponsors annually, was a great experience in May.¬†¬†

Nora and Eliana had a great time visiting Jonathan and Emily in May, and gardening continues, with its typical Colorado weather struggles (snow in May!).  
Nora has an update(yesterday) on CaringBridge, if you like. 
CaringBridge updates at, CLICK below:
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We are so grateful to have you in our lives and on this journey with us!   

Much love … and have a great 4th Of July Day !¬†


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The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP) was established by GHNI to help governmental leaders transform their nations toward freedom and sustainability. The vision for GILPP is to promote public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership, bridging the gap between governments and those living in poverty.  Help and Hope for the Hidden and Hurting
Help and Hope
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Hidden and Hurting
GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader inC./S. Asia & C. Europe

I work to:
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Рteach & further TCD 
Рtrain leadership 
Transformational Community Development Bringing sustainability in:
– Water
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– Health-Wellness
– Education
– Financial Capacity

Emig Family
Dan & Nora

1-Year Anniversary?! Can It Be?! Brokenness! 23 May ’22 Emigs

¬†What do we call this day (and tomorrow)?!¬† “Anniversary” admittedly sounds kinda strange.¬† Celebration … well yes, and …?!¬† And what do we call all the other miracle days spread through these past 365 days?¬†¬†

It’s been one year, today … one year today, that the excruciating¬†pain hit my chest and back. Tomorrow will be the one-year mark of that first of several surgeries¬†to save my earthly life.¬† It’s so hard to wrap all the thoughts and emotions around it;¬†so beyond words.¬†

Last week, in my self-centered whining to Dr. Rudersdorf, my primary(multiple times) surgeon in all this; I was complaining this most recent recovery was taking way too long.¬† His response: “Dan, considering you were supposed to have died ten times in the past year, I think your recovery is doing great!¬† Your most recent CTscan and bloodwork look awesome, and you are indeed gaining strength.¬† I’ll bet you a $-dollar, that in X-number of days, you’ll be walking three miles.”¬† Thanks, I needed that!¬†¬†

To be honest, I am enjoying(a strange word) some parts of this “unwary” journey.¬† Several dear relationships have said things to the effect; “I know there’s even greater things for you to accomplish ahead.”¬† I love the encouragement.¬† Yet, to go even a step deeper in honesty, this journey has not at all raised my expectancy for “greater things“.¬† If anything, it has raised my expectancy of:¬†¬†
–¬† ¬†deeper intimacy with those closest to me
–¬† ¬†deeper repentance of then-unknown self-motives¬†
–¬† ¬†better seeing and hearing into a future
–¬† ¬†healthier relationships of love¬†
–¬† ¬†better accepting brokenness as my new-norm¬†

Truth is, I’m a broken man.¬† Some of you can relate.¬† It’s actually quite a beautiful thing.¬† Some of you can see and resonate with such beauty(brokenness).¬†¬†

A men’s group I’ve been involved with the past few years, sometimes¬†says:¬† “Never trust an unbroken man.”¬† And so if there is yet to be “greater things” ahead, my prayer, trust, and gratefulness are that it will be in brokenness; and that I may live the rest of whatever days I have, in gifts of weaknesses, broken-nesses.¬†¬†

We are so grateful for you, as you continue to walk with us in all these areas of life in our mutual brokenness!  

Thanks for your time and care in reading this update.  We love you.  

Nora and I are so grateful to have you in our lives and on this journey with us!   

Much love … 

Kicked Around A Bit … 19april’22

Grateful, once again, for Ro’i, who was there with me post-surgery!¬†¬†

The last surgery on the 6th, albeit more minor than any in the last 11 months, has definitely kicked me about more than expected.¬† I’m just now getting outside for short walks, gaining strength and loss of pain, incrementally-incrementally.¬† I do have some minor tingling in my left few toes and right longer fingers (tips of each); possibly as a result of the spinal drain they used during and post-surgery.¬†

We had a blessed though somewhat lonely Easter, with all the kids either being sick or away.¬† Bryan was doing a shoot/YouTube/Matthew Beem, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and Eliana has Covid … again.¬† She’s on the mend.¬† It was a deep journey for Nora and me on Easter, with me still on the mend and our hearts heavy in all this.¬†

I’ve missed a good number of ZOOM meetings the past two weeks, and all concerned have been so gracious and loving, knowing I’ll get back in the saddle soon enough.¬† Even this morning at 6a, I couldn’t make the FLT-Field Leadership Team time, and missed the Middle-East meeting yesterday … truly¬†missing those and the hearts on those¬†such calls.¬†¬†

Ukraine:¬† at this time we as an organization have chosen to channel funds into other organizations better equipped to handle the needs in and outside Ukraine.¬† Since we focus more on sustainable solutions, we are at present not initiating any DR-Disaster Relief efforts. That may change in the future, especially as my health improves.¬† A best example would be me personally initiating funding(s) to an organization, which tapped me for deciding how they might send funds.¬† My vote was entirely for a separate organization that is, on the ground, youthful, energized, community-based, living on shoe-strings budgets, mobile, honest, hands-on, in and outside Ukraine … and on the list of benefits via them.¬†¬†

Knowing you are concerned, we take all confidence in restoration and the journey ahead … ever¬†excited in knowing … for our good and the good of others.¬†

Thanks for taking the time to read through this short update.  We love you.  

Nora and I are grateful to have you in our lives and!   

Much love …¬†


If your heart so moves, we would love you to join us in these movements of expansion and whole restorations of so many lives.   

Thank you !!!
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