No intrusiveness … only a reminder for those busy in this season EOY 2019 … of needs !

Dear one …

we are not seeking intrusiveness, only a reminder for those busy in this season, who may have forgotten or misplaced some of our previous relatings.

We are expanding our focus broadly and deeply in 2020, as outlined in our November/December BLOG updates!


These expansions(below) are, in addition to work we already do in multiple countries over the past 9 years:

  • education coordination in Iraq/Kurdistan targeting mid-level and lower-level leaders

  • TCD – Transformational Community Development in the Middle East and Serbia(Balkans)

  • ELD – Entrepreneurial Leadership Development in the context of TCD in all countries we work in … and focused on Yazidi and Kurds and Serbs

  • education translations, focused on expanding in the Middle East, specifically among the Kurds and Yazidi

  • Kurds and Yazidi better enabled to expand the Development/TCD in countries near/in Kurdistan

  • Relief and Development work among refugees in Kurdistan/Iraq


EOY – End Of Year donations so far, have us wondering if maybe we’ve not communicated well.  If you have not yet considered your EOY giving focus, please consider how you might enjoy vesting in those we serve, especially as we all join together in furthering Development and Self-sustainment !

These financial needs are:

  • $ 15,000 annually for 4x trips per year … usually 6-8 country locations, villages, refugee areas, etc.

  • $ 1,400 monthly personal … due to donations attrition and cost of living increases

  • $ 60,000 annually to specific projects, especially in Kurdistan/Iraq and the Middle East, where so much is suffering is present, and TCD Development expansion is so needful

Feel free to contact us for any clarifications and levels of current needs met.

Giving links are below.

Grateful for you … grateful for all your considerations!

Daniel and Nora

719.440.0796   Dan/m.

GHNI – Global Hope Network International

Global Hope Network International
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“Preferred for Emig work”

Thank you !!!

Daniel & Nora
… Jonathan, Bryan & Eliana

Cold Hands Warm Heart – Serbia … ! Đorgovska Mahala village

Đorgovska Mahala village, in Lebane, Serbia is home to some 500 Gypsy-Roma impoverished villagers.

Gypsy-Roma Boys In Their Home Village - Lebane, Serbia
Gypsy-Roma Boys In Their Home Village – Lebane, Serbia

4 flights and 30 hours after leaving India, I(Dan) was driving south from Novi Sad, to Lebane, Serbia. Wow, what a climate change! It was great to be back in Eastern/Central Europe though.

Please meet Marijana, our TCD country lead associate and expert in Transformational Community Development. Warm welcomes began with her and her husband(Emil), and didn’t stop anytime, as I continued to meet those eager to embrace self-sustainability principles.

Emil & Marijana - Novi Sad, Serbia
Emil & Marijana – Novi Sad, Serbia












I also want to introduce Snezana, who is in training of TCD and has already served many villages in her area, helping them have hope in such hope-deprived villages of South Serbia. She relates and works so well among the women in these villages, frequently there with them, allowing her presence to build foundations of relationship so crucial.

Snezana(right) in Lebane(village), Serbia
Snezana(right) in Lebane(village), Serbia









Because of Snezana, we were able to offer our initial TCD Vision Seminar to these women(and a man not pictured), who eagerly want to help their own in mostly Gypsy-Roma villages where they live. Thought the first step(Vision Seminar), the attendees clearly were ready to learn all they possibly could about Transformational Community Development, and want us back to continue with TOT1(Training of Trainers). All a very good indicator of their future, and heart to help their villages out of poverty and into hope.

Vision-Casting TCD Attendees - Lebane, Serbia
Vision-Casting TCD Attendees – Lebane, Serbia








Đorgovska Mahala …

Imagine sharing 1 of 4 “out-houses” among your village of 500 !

1 of 4 Outdoor Toilets For 500 Villagers
1 of 4 Outdoor Toilets For 500 Villagers










Much thanks to you again for being such an integral part of their lives, as we all do our part. Speaking of the “part”; one venue for your help is in contributing financially to this particular endeavor in South Serbia. Below is a link, allowing you to give specifically to this village of:
Đorgovska Mahala

We thank you deeply for following these blogs and considering the needs at hand!
Grateful … Daniel


Serbia “Up And Running”!

Roma/Gypsy Woman
Roma/Gypsy Woman

Serbia is “up-and-running”!

With news last month that Serbia and Albania were in the queue to begin TCD very soon, hopes ran high. Serbia now has financial sponsorship for its first half of 2016 for Transformational Community Development(TCD) for one impoverished village. We are so excited to see how quickly at years-end “11th-hour” this took place.

Roma/Gypsy Girls
Roma/Gypsy Girls

With a new TCD project active, associates on the ground are laboring, and just a few days ago our new Serbia GHNI donations site kicked off! National, Snezana is eager to step into 2016, having already started a “type” TCD in the context of her work in the area. Consider undergirding Snezana’s efforts there, as she is the primary relationship amidst this new village and surrounding cluster villages. She has been working in over 20 Roma villages for some years now, laying crucial ground work for what’s ahead. I’m(Daniel) in India(and possibly another S. Asia country) next month, and planning to be in Serbia very early in 2016.

Roma Grandma & Boy
Roma Grandma & Boy

New Serbia-GHNI donations site is at:

We are grateful for another year of 2015 in serving alongside you as we continue to expand self-sustainability in Eastern Europe and South Asia. It is truly a privilege to be a part of what you and we are accomplishing together!

As you may not realize, we must also raise all funds both for these and all TCD endeavors, as well as our own personal financial base in order to continue being able to start and have oversight of all these projects. Helping to fund our personal base account allows us to travel and continue meeting all State-side endeavors so vital to fulfilling our work overseas. As we are running a personal deficit in our GHNI account, please consider us in these last few days of 2015, giving this also a true need. This is accomplished on-line at:

We the Emig family and GHNI thank you deeply as we so quickly peer into 2016 and all we seek to accomplish for good in Help and Hope for the Hidden and Hurting!

Thank you, truly!
Daniel Emig

Balkans of Serbia & Albania New TCD …

Village Farming Woman-Albania
Village Farming Woman-Albania

New territory always excites me in GHNI endeavors. The Balkans of Serbia and Albania seem far removed from other impoverished areas GHNI works in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Yet we all must come to the realization that the same extreme poverty exists in large swaths of Europe equally. It especially exists anywhere there is isolation and abandonment. GHNI is committed to helping the poorest of the poor, regardless of geographics.

Women Cooking Outside-Albania
Women Cooking Outside-Albania

Join with us financially, as we commit to these new projects in Serbia and Albania Roma(gypsy) villages. 4 new Project Proposal are being edited and submitted as I write this. I am personally committed to making the Balkans a very different place within 3-5 years, as we work together with key partners there.

Man In Front Of Home - Serbia
Man In Front Of Home – Serbia

2015 is about to close out on us. 2016 is literally visible between the cracks of the door as it opens. Please commit with us in furthering self-sustainability among the Hidden and Helpless of the Balkan Roma(and nationals) in impoverished, abandoned and isolated villages. They need your help. We are willing.

Girls Near Their Home - Serbia
Girls Near Their Home – Serbia

Farming Plot and Home - Albania
Farming Plot and Home – Albania

Thank you … Dan