Our Iraq/Kurdistan Team In the Earthquake Zone of Turkey …

This is a first for our Iraq/Kurdistan team to serve in the earthquake zone of Turkey. You may recall our Lebanon team has been to both Turkey and Syria numerous times already. We are so grateful for Ari and Aram, as they coordinate with local leaders, to help in these capacities. They have communicated that the priority for purchasing things is tents, food, clothes, shoes, and kitchen supplies like (pots, plates, spoons, knives, bottles of gas, carpets, blankets, and pillows. To support them in these endeavors, financially, please note “Earthquake Support” on any giving(s), and can be funneled via:


One thought on “Our Iraq/Kurdistan Team In the Earthquake Zone of Turkey …

  1. gmbeck2yahoocom

    May the LORD show them all the ways that can be connected so they can help these people. I am so pleased to learn these men are there to help and assist where needed.

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