Syria Earthquake Relief – 17mar.’23

Frontier Partners (via GSA) … partnering with WarmHeart-Lebanon

are again back in Syria, with humanitarian aid for ongoing needs that will be needful and last for months and years to come. Crucial to all this are:

Partnerships: Working with country partnerships(in this case, Lebanon/WarmHeart), we are able to be, serve, and help in better ways and means, than if we tried to do it all ourselves. These layers of partnerships actually work. And if fact, when done well, provide assistance more direct, appropriately, and relationally, than if a singular organization and/or person tried to do it. We are so graced to have such quality people and organizations to partner with. Join us in giving thanks!

Resourced Locally: Resources are key to any aid, of any description, that is provided for the needy. So from where are they best sourced? In most cases, seeking out and using locally-based resources are key to the best relief and development. And while there are exceptions (like our containers of wheelchairs to Lebanon from Joni&Friends two years ago), the best sources are almost always the local ones. A great friend and colleague of mine once gave me an example of how he locally resourced in a most unlikely place; South Sudan, during their awful civil war (’83-’05). For most of us westerners, I know it sounds crazy. How in the world can such aid be locally resourced? As it turns out, many local entrepreneurs are quite brainy, astute, and resourceful(no pun intended). They find ways to bring goods into their domains, even under such hostile environments as civil war and earthquakes.

WarmHeart-Lebanon, now in Syria, is doing just this. They are purchasing locally, for almost all their humanitarian aid endeavors. This helps those receiving, and it greatly helps the local economies, currently in shambles.

For your heart to contribute to helping these specific partnerships and resourcing into Syria, use the link provided below to give:

One thought on “Syria Earthquake Relief – 17mar.’23

  1. gmbeck2yahoocom

    Thanks for this information. I think this is an excellent plan and helps in so many different areas. It also speeds up the care and items getting to those in need. Net working is always good.

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