❤️ BIG Hearts Thanks … and A Future … !!!

❤️ BIG hearts, as Nora and I offer love and gratefulness to you in your care of us over these 19 months. We’ve come so very-very-very far, far from THAT cliff! Truly we are a blessed couple and family to have such love, concern, prayers, and giving from you, especially in these times of going to the utmost precipice, death itself, and its many implications. A number of times in a day, I pause, giving God thanks for His infinite love and grace to see me through another breath, another heartbeat, another day. Flashed in front of me, I consider my entire life, from birth to present, in all its relationships, experiences, and places, an immeasurably abundant gift from Him. When I peer back into the terrain of my life, externally and internally, I do see pain (some excruciating and unseen by others), yet I am in awe of His goodness, and His extravagant kindness to me. Words will never convey, suffice, or be enough.

So as we journey on this path, Nora says I’m in the 85-ish% healed range. Now heading into December, and my progress looking into 90%, we invite you, with us into it all. Physical Therapy (actually several rounds of it) is finished and I’ve joined the Y. In our next newsletter, we’d like to gently yet faith-full(ly) introduce you to some possibilities, yes, even for some beginnings of limited travel again. Physicians all give this a “GO”. Yet for now, we see fit to bask in this “raising-from-the dead”, restoration, and so much we are learning in it all. Let’s celebrate together this provision in so many areas of God’s Presence in our hearts, and bodies. Yes, let us all together agree in it all, especially in this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season …

Daniel & Nora

Global Hope Network International – https://www.globalhopenetwork.org/staff/?form=danielemig

One thought on “❤️ BIG Hearts Thanks … and A Future … !!!

  1. It is so good to hear from you and know you are continuing to heal physically, spiritually and mentally. Your unknow pain is known by our LORD who suffered great pain for each of us and can teach us how to use past experiences for HIS glory . It is with great gratitude and praise that I can share your healing level to so many who have prayed for you, Nora and the family. This is indeed a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing that can be shared with many. So much love is shown through all of this. Mom

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