Armenia … continues GHNI/TCD into 2022

Many of you helped with this endeavor in Armenia, last year, when things were so stressful and crazy, with war. Thanks so much! This work has continued in full measure, via the love and labor of Tamara and Sam. We have been in touch the past few weeks, and I have been so encouraged in their progress, even in my medical-issues absence. This video is from last year, yet represents presently, a portion of the work of GHNI/TCD being furthered. Grateful for you and them … Dan

February 15th 2021

I am so privileged to be a small part of the oversight and supervision of this wonderful GHNI endeavor in Drashen(Jrashen), ARMENIA. Tamara and Sam have done an excellent job with the new Community Center, training social workers, DR-Disaster Relief efforts during and after the war, and a host of other activities currently going on there … all TCD-based. Contact me if you’d like to participate in this expansion … Dan

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