Armenia Update … November ’20 (Spitak and Jrashen area)

Limited editing from our GHNI staff in Armenia in their November ’20 report …

November 2020

Current situation in Armenia

ceasefire agreement was signed between the President of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister of Armenia, and the President of Russia, ending all hostilities in the area in November 10, 2020. After the agreement, thousands of people became internally displaced. They lost their home villages and towns. Thousands of soldiers were killed. Thousands of men became disabled; many captives in the other side and many missing soldiers and civilians. The war has left painful scars on each Armenian.

We live on the main street in Vanadzor city and usually its very noisy during the day. When the war was over there was silence on that street, you could only hear the noise of the cars. As if, the whole nation was silently grieving.

Now there are Russian peacekeepers in the war zone and people who still have homes return to Artsakh.  From 150 000 only 25 000 went back.

In November we as a GHNI team visited more than 20 families from Artsakh. All of them lost their houses and couldn’t return, so they decided to spend the winter in our region and see what happens next. We heard many sad stories but also stories of hope. We gave them New Testaments and shared about God’s love.

Miracle stories

The war broke out early in the morning, the children were still asleep. The mother took the children just with one pair of clothes and ran from the village to the nearby city where it was safer. However, the father of the family stayed to see how he could protect the house. One day the father of the family was in the basement and he heard enemy soldiers entering his house. At that time he had nothing to protect himself and everywhere the enemy soldiers entered they killed the owners without any exception. Miraculously they did not notice him and after a while left the house. The men left the house secretly, hid himself in the nearby forests, and finally was able to go to his family. The whole family praises God that their father is alive.

The bread baking machines







Thanks to GHNI team and supporters throughout the world we were able to buy 10 bread-baking machines and 10 bags of flour. Several displaced families were able to share the machines and bake their own bread. Each of the families were average of seven people and it was not affordable for them to buy bread every day. With the help of the project, more than 100 people have their homemade bread now.

The local Police department heard about the project, joined our team, and helped in delivering the flour bags and machines.

Warm clothes and coats

Winters in Armenia are severe cold and especially in the North where we live. So with the help of GHNI and some local and foreign friends we were able to collect about 150 coats and bought warm winter clothes and gave to the displaced children.







Sewing and art project

At the moment we have 4 sewing machines for the community centre and the women are working hard to provide beddings and some clothes for war victims. At the same time they learn new skills. One of the ladies from the sewing class got a job in the sewing fabric this month.






Thanks for your support of GHNI and us in Armenia … Tamara

Grateful for you in all this … Daniel Emig – Armenia Country Supervisor – GHNI

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One thought on “Armenia Update … November ’20 (Spitak and Jrashen area)

  1. marywda

    Wow, the Lord knows (thankfully!) Praying for the work of His Spirit in all of that ! Mary Kindness: Martin Luther King Quote Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

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