Can’t Say Enough Good About … Kurdistan & Iraq Here … In Ari & Aram ! 8/’19

Can’t say enough good in our time hosting Ari and Aram here in Colorado for two weeks!

With their foci here on:
* developing relationships
*Yazidi people group in Kurdistan as the primary means of permitted being/doing there
* education connections and needs in Kurdistan
* diplomatic relationships deepened focus of freedoms
* relating with and connecting other organizations working in Kurdistan
* financial donor development communications
* their plans moving forward with us, pivotal
* fun !  🙂 … fishing(trout) … baseball … Giordano’s Pizza … self-grilled hamburgers !  “-)
* getting to know our personal families … they loved Nora(my wife) !   🙂
* and … on and on this list could easily go … !

We are grateful to all who contributed financially to their time here.  They were able to take home over $1K for their work and life among Yazidi and in refugees development TCD.   Stories upon stories surfaced, as exampled in:
* constant-constant political and social turmoil issues affecting lives continually

Thank you … thank you … thank you, for allowing these men and their time with us and so many others here in the area !!!

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