SERBIA … our STT Trip Spring into Summer … June ’19

Friend …

close on the heals of my IRAQ/LEBANON trip, was my next one to SERBIA.  We are so grateful to those who have capacity and choose to sponsor a village for an entire year or more.  Such is one of the members and initiators of this STT-Short Term Team to Djorgovaka Mahala Village, our Roma-gypsy village near Lebane, Serbia.

Assessing, teachings focused on entrepreneurship and family relationships, were the aim.  We are grateful to see the momentum building, as Snezana leads this and other Roma/gypsy villages out of every form of poverty.

My time with Snezana(far left in the below 3-some photo) and the translator were especially good, as I wanted to see better how she was doing personally, after the death of her husband(Slave), two years ago.  The gracious grace in healing and moving her forward, allows her to vest so much of her life in these Roma. 

Technology can assist greatly, as the below photo demonstrates.  We were able to SKYPE in a live-session to this group, from Kolkata, India, where Sushil Marandi was able to guide the group through some TCD issues relevant to any village.

Summer travel plans are so far limited.  Nora and I were pursuing our best to see you in Georgia and the S. East USA.  Due to her desperately needing to rest, after her first year as a para at our local elementary school, her overall health issues, and other needs(text or call for details), we regret that it’s looking like that trip cannot happen this year.  If things change, we will surely let you know ASAP.  Thanks for your understanding!  🙂

Daniel and Nora Emig

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