Kurdistan-Iraq … Yazidis … ’19

Yazidis – warehouse – Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan-IRAQ
TCD Training Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19 Iraq
Soap-maker entrepreneur -Yazidis – Sulaymaniayah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19
Ministry of Religious Affairs Erbil, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4’19
Mother & Child Yazidis – Sulaymaniayah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19
girl & older woman … food to old woman Yazidis – Sulaymaniayah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19
food distribution Yazidis – Sulaymaniayah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19
food distribution 2 Yazidis – Sulaymaniayah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19
Diesel Fuel – Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19
Daddy-daughter & family Yazidis Sulaymaniayah, Kurdistan-IRAQ 4-’19

… every face we encountered in Kurdistan-IRAQ, with the Yazidi people, carried a story of trauma … yet hope, that one day, they could return home from the camps of tents and temporary locations they live in.
This trip was rich in helping, coming alongside, and in wide variety of experiences, all new to me, being my first time in the Middle East.


*   serving Yazidis displaced by years of conflict, by providing essential food supplies

*   TCD-Transformational Community Development training, for development and their long-term ability to provide for their families

*   Initial relational connections with those in Kurdistan diplomatic leadership

*   warmth via diesel fuel for their heaters in locations without any heat

*   commitments to return and expand our TCD approach to development and sustainability

*   commitments and purchases from local entrepreneurs (soap, in this case), who empower these local communities in vision and new ideas for sustainability

*   local resources purchased and utilized for the distribution to Yazidis … you would be amazed at how a few thousand dollars of food goods, goes a  very long way in relating to local vendors (always our policy when possible)

I cannot thank you enough for all who gave to this trip!


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