Bangladesh … peace and prosperity in a boy’s home …

Bangladesh boy - Niloy Malo
Bangladesh boy – Niloy Malo

Progress Report – October ’18

TCD Change Our Family

I am  Niloy Malo, member of Lotus TCD(Transformational Community Development) group at Ghoraghat, Dinajpur district, Bangladesh. I read in grade seven. We are two brothers and sister. We do not have land for vegetable cultivation. My parents are working a small work in this village. We have 5 members in our family. Before join my family with TCD we were very poor. I saw everyday my parents do lot of quarrel. But after having teaching of TCD my parent’s attitude changed and we are having peaceful situation our families.  I am taught many subjects which helped in my education. I have learned how to take care and keep good health from TCD groups.

There is some uncultivated land near hour house which is belongs to our neighbors.  I helped my father to plant papaya tree and vegetable garden in that land near our house. After few months the papaya tree grow-up and have flower and fruits.

Now our family do not need to buy vegetable from market, also I distribute to our neighbors. We get vitamin, mineral and others which we need. I give thanks to TCD group for given me a wonderful opportunity to learn and utilize in my life.

My family also taking all decision together. Before we took loan from micro credit but now we start small savings.

(This story was taken from TCD child group) Bangladesh

We are grateful for each of you who choose to undergird such endeavors of TCD as this!  Daniel Emig


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