My name is Ammodi and I am 12 years old …


My name is Ammodi Malshika I am 12 years old ...
My name is Ammodi, I am 12 years old …

My name is Ammodi I am 12 years old …


Monthly TCD Story Update

Titling Standard          – COUNTRY CODE LK-012, Project Location – Unanvitiya, YY 2018 July  Monthly Update

SAVE this report using this name.

Note:   One report is needed for each TCD location

          This report should be completed by the Local Project Manager.

Please email this report to your Country Director, Field Director
no later than the 7th of the following month.

COUNTRY:       SRI LANKA                               TCD CODE/LOCATION:      LK-12/Unanvitiya           _

 YOUR NAME:              C.B.L.              DATE:  July 2018

 SIMPLE UPDATE & PHOTO: Please share a simple story about what is happening in the village or about a person living there. Even if you feel there is no new activity, please describe any on-going activity or future plans.  Include a photo and be sure to describe who/what is in the photo.

TIPS: Focus on one person’s benefitted life. What was their life like before?  How did GHNI help them?  What are some of the details and emotions felt?  When sharing a photo of the people in the story, it’s best to use up close faces and action shots (smiling, laughing, playing, etc.).  You may include more than one photo. If you’d like, attach web post, newsletters, or e-mail updates.

STORY: (1-3 paragraphs are adequate.)


My name is Ammodi I am 12 years old. My school is Unanvitiya, I am in grade 7. My parents work on paddy fields. They are paid daily for the work they do. When there is no work on paddy fields they work part time on tea and rubber estates as labors.

They come home with soiled cloths dobbed with mud as they work in the fields; they are so tired that they have to rest for a few hours before they take a wash. I have to prepare the tea and night meal. I feel so sorry to know they get so tired to give me a good education so that I will not do the same job that they do, that’s what they tell me.

After School in her village ...
After School in her village …

This made me think of my future plans. I have decided to be a teacher. As teachers get a lot of holidays they are always dressed up and enjoy their work with the children. They are respected my children and parents.

I was told that dreams come true, for me plans also definitely work if you apply yourself. Thank you GHNI for being a part of my plan, opening up a tutoring centre in our village. I can now make my plans come true.


*I have reviewed my report and photos and verify that ALL the names, locations and photos are authorized for publication, including e-mail updates and the internet.         X  YES            ☐  NO

If NO – please explain any exceptions


Please attach photos here.  Under EACH photo, please include a description or caption.

Photo  1. Ammodi’s picture

  1. Under 14 group of children batch no.2








2 thoughts on “My name is Ammodi and I am 12 years old …

  1. marywda

    Always good to hear of a child dreaming…with hope! Mary Kindness: Martin Luther King Quote Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

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