Bryan Shows Up … !

Kīlauea Volcano …
Bryan shows up … !

Several times in our Kīlauea Volcano DR-Disaster Response training and serving in Hawaii, it was said, “just show up” or “Show up.  Bryan showed up.  We, the DR team of 10 showed up … and guess what, good happens.  It was gently convicting … I need to “show up” more, be all there, in ever-widening experiences I’m(Daniel) led into !

Bryan (and team) did an excellent job of serving, as we worked alongside the Army Corp of Engineers, building tiny-homes and landscaping for displaced residents.  A local church asked us to serve at their fun-day for children and parents, getting them away from routines of living in tents and temporary shelters.  For almost 5 hours straight, Bryan cooked and served hotdogs, brats and sides to hundreds of attendees.  All of us shared in the load of setting-up and serving at this event.   He and the team shined on each of these and other occasions, serving faithfully and wholeheartedly!  It was great being and working with him, them !

Our key relationship/family remains there, working faithfully to help and mentor the Kīlauea Volcano displaced.  Matt Purvis and his family run a coffee shop bakery in Pahoa, only minutes from volcano, and amidst much activity to help, from other NGO(s) and the local government.  He’s a special and dear friend, with an immeasurable heart for the extremely wide variety of locals there, displaced or not.  We could tell you more, as it’s actually a crazy place to live, work, and raise a family.  Matt and his family are no-doubt “called” to be there.

Bryan’s full funding came in so quickly, in less than 3 weeks.
A huge “THANK YOU” to you who gave, either via the GFM site or GHNI !!!
Thank you for allowing us to “be” and serve in this and so many other endeavors!
You rock !!!
Bryan and Dad/Dan


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