Need Your Disaster Relief Training/Response Help Now …

Mike Parks - Disaster Relief Trainer - GHNI
Mike Parks – Disaster Relief Trainer – GHNI

I need your immediate financial help.  Disaster Relief(DR), and DR Training are intricate in GHNI.  Many of our current TCD model villages, were begun, springing from a DR situation in that given country.

Mike Parks(right in photo), is a great friend of mine and heads up the DR segment within GHNI.  He is doing his next DR Training and Response in Hawaii, training and assisting via the Kilauea Volcano.  It’s an excellent location to train and then follow-up immediately in assisting local pockets of current need.

Kilauea Volcano Map

Bryan, my son, has wanted to be with me on one of my trips, for years now.  He has volunteered for this trip, and is already fully funded via a GoFundMe site.  I am excited to be with him, as a son-dad duo, on this DR venture!

Bryan - On Yet Another Venture
Bryan – On Yet Another Venture 
True To Personality - Bryan's Kawasaki Ninja Streetfighter
True To Personality – Bryan’s Kawasaki Ninja Streetfighter 
Bryan & Pops
Bryan & Pops

Will you please join me in my urgent financial needs for this trip?  This trip, alone,  still needs $ 1,400.  Gifts of donation can be made at:

Funding will also help provide for next trips to Serbia and Armenia.  We will follow-up with post-trip news after we’re back.  Deep thanks to you who support this and so many other endeavors you/we partake of around the globe.  Grateful … Daniel


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