India 2x Villages: Agriculture & Education foci …

Jatapara 6-'16 new farming TCD initiates
Jatapara 6-’16 new farming TCD initiates

Your name: Manu Kisku                             Date – 10 June 2016

Last month I had taught the villagers to do kitchen gardening and grow brinjal, tomato, chlli, etc., so that they don’t have to buy vegetables from the market and they can get nutritious food and they can even sell it. As the result, some of the villgers did it. Dular Hembrom is one of them who tried it. With the little help of us, she grown brinjal this time, and surprisingly she got a large amount of brinjal that she is having it herself, giving it to the neighbour and she has sold some of it to the weekly market and earned more than 500 yet.

It is a solid proof before villagers that with little amout of water, they can get a good vegetable. Now Dular Hembrom is standing as a modal before other and I am trying to teach her success story to others.

Your name: Sanjay Tigga                            Date – 10 June 2016

The TCD work was started in Kharibari Village under Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal in the month of May 2016. Though I would visit this village once a while and offer study materials among the children, that paved the way to enter in community. From May month I started giving weekly tuition to the children and now around 7-8 children are coming every week. Then one Wednesday I called a gathering of parents and informed them about the por performance fo the children studying in government schools.

The children are so weak so that a 2nd standard children are not able to read and write English alphabet. Almost all the children are very weak in studies to the poor education system of government schools. When parents were shown how weak their children were, that really raised a concern in their minds. I explain them that we can together overcome this problem provided they help me wholeheartedly. They were happy and now they all are dropping their children to weekly school.

Khairbari 6-'16 TCD Education
Khairbari 6-’16 TCD Education

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