Serbia “Up And Running”!

Roma/Gypsy Woman
Roma/Gypsy Woman

Serbia is “up-and-running”!

With news last month that Serbia and Albania were in the queue to begin TCD very soon, hopes ran high. Serbia now has financial sponsorship for its first half of 2016 for Transformational Community Development(TCD) for one impoverished village. We are so excited to see how quickly at years-end “11th-hour” this took place.

Roma/Gypsy Girls
Roma/Gypsy Girls

With a new TCD project active, associates on the ground are laboring, and just a few days ago our new Serbia GHNI donations site kicked off! National, Snezana is eager to step into 2016, having already started a “type” TCD in the context of her work in the area. Consider undergirding Snezana’s efforts there, as she is the primary relationship amidst this new village and surrounding cluster villages. She has been working in over 20 Roma villages for some years now, laying crucial ground work for what’s ahead. I’m(Daniel) in India(and possibly another S. Asia country) next month, and planning to be in Serbia very early in 2016.

Roma Grandma & Boy
Roma Grandma & Boy

New Serbia-GHNI donations site is at:

We are grateful for another year of 2015 in serving alongside you as we continue to expand self-sustainability in Eastern Europe and South Asia. It is truly a privilege to be a part of what you and we are accomplishing together!

As you may not realize, we must also raise all funds both for these and all TCD endeavors, as well as our own personal financial base in order to continue being able to start and have oversight of all these projects. Helping to fund our personal base account allows us to travel and continue meeting all State-side endeavors so vital to fulfilling our work overseas. As we are running a personal deficit in our GHNI account, please consider us in these last few days of 2015, giving this also a true need. This is accomplished on-line at:

We the Emig family and GHNI thank you deeply as we so quickly peer into 2016 and all we seek to accomplish for good in Help and Hope for the Hidden and Hurting!

Thank you, truly!
Daniel Emig

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