Earthquake Nepal …


“My children are traumatized by the sight of seeing many of our neighbors killed in the earthquake. Hundreds of our neighbors are camped out in open areas.” GHNI National Director – Kiran

These are the words of Kiran as we talked on the phone.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal days ago has been followed by over 100 after shocks. In Kathmandu, Kiran reports there are people afraid to enter the hospitals because of all the aftershocks, and are sleeping in the open air. Roads are blocked; food and water are becoming very scarce in many locations, even as international aid arrives.

As of this writing over 6,000 are confirmed dead, but that number is rising rapidly as villages are accessed.

GHNI has been working in Nepal for several years. Our staff will soon stabilize their families and continue reaching out beyond their own neighborhoods to engage in the national effort. Our plan is to do a general assessment on nearby villages where up to 95% of the homes have been destroyed. Preliminary evaluations reveal water and food will be greatly needed as the crisis of moving the dead and wounded winds down in the next few weeks.

GHNI is gearing up to provide water and food, especially to the villages outside Kathmandu that are out of reach to many. The uniqueness of GHNI’s mission is we also commit to helping villages rebuild, becoming self-sustainable, alongside residents.

We will focus on using local resources of food and water first, so we don’t disrupt local economies.

Our staff workers desperately need your help!


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