Village Transformations

2nd Crop Ready To Harvest
2nd Crop Ready To Harvest
Children In Need Of Tutoring
Children In Need Of Tutoring

One Village, Many Transformations

We had a short-term team come from two places to visit us. During their visit we drilled a bore well in one of the TCD villages. This will provide safe drinking water for 20+ families. This was a new experience to these donors. They were very excited about what we are doing in these villages. They stayed in Dhoker Jhara for two nights and slept on the floor. This demonstrated their love and commitment to the villagers.
Ten families were benefitted by the cultivation of a second crop because of the irrigation pond we have made in this village.
We are starting tutorial programs for the children to help them in their schoolwork. We are also educating their parents about the need for them to study at home. Since the parents are not educated themselves, they have not yet seen the need. We are working on another project for irrigation. They want to lift water from the river. This project will help more than 25 families to do three crops each year.

We are most excited to see the change of mindset among the village people!

Manu and Babujan (TCD leaders(new) in the India state of Jharkhand)

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