Water & Wells …

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Wells are such a big part of what GHNI is and does!   It almost goes without saying.  But it needs to be said yet again … “WELLS”.  Wells are water.  It sounds so simplistic.

We in the West forget so quickly that water is an essential formation of all societies and cultures.  Where would your latte be without the water for that steamed milk?  Where would your choosing be of that Delta faucet, without that clear water to run through it?  Clean bodies and cars come from clean water.

For most people in the world, the issue of water is a lot closer in conscience to “survival”.  No water?  No sustenance.  No water?  No food to grow.  No water?  No health.  No water?  No school.  No water?  No … and the survival-list goes on and on.

Wells and water are 1st on GHNI’s list of essentials for any village.  Water before any of the other TCD needs.  Water before food.  Water before health.  Water before education.  Water before micro-enterprise.

Thank you deeply for your contributions of water for these villages we serve!


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